You painted your house! What’s next?

You did it! Whether it’s a full house makeover or specific rooms like bedrooms, the kitchen, or a bathroom, you’ve accomplished something significant. Now, as you stand at the threshold of potential future remodels, take a moment to pause, breathe in, breathe out, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. But what’s the ideal way to immortalize the transformation of your beloved home? The answer is simple: a photoshoot!

However, though the answer may be straightforward, executing a beautiful photoshoot for your space is anything but simple. It becomes even more intricate when you aim to be part of the images. While nothing is impossible, many final results might appear deceptively effortless because not everyone realizes the effort and collaboration that goes into creating a stunning image. Therefore, this blog post isn’t about painting; it’s about presenting your work in the most exceptional way possible. Fortunately, drawing on my experience as a fashion model, I have connections in the creative industry and am fortunate to count a few dear friends among them. 

One of these friends has evolved into an exceptional photographer, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Mariya for finding time in her busy schedule to visit me in NC and create stunning visuals for My Colour Home. Here, I’m sharing our process.

Day One – Dinner and wine, catching up, and chatting about life. It’s important to have a good time. While this might not be an option if you’re working with a professional photographer who is not a friend, if you get along well and aren’t exhausted after a day of creativity, consider grabbing a light bite or a drink after the photoshoot.

Day Two – Choosing looks, deciding which ones fit best in what space, finalizing looks, hair, and makeup. Check the weather for the day of the shoot, especially if relying mostly on natural light. I recommend choosing 4-5 looks for the shoot and having a few extra, just in case you change your mind or feel that another one will look better once worn and in front of the camera.

Mariya and I dug into my closet for the photoshoot, bringing out a mix of fancy dresses I hadn’t worn in a while and everyday vintage pieces. If your closet feels lacking or you want extra wow pieces, consider checking out thrift stores for unique and affordable finds. Do this a few days or even a week before the shoot so you’re not stressed and can choose pieces that truly resonate with you.

Don’t forget about the interior. Utilize throws, books, candles, dining ware, and other personal decor items to elevate the image.

Incorporate flowers as they can be your home’s best friends. If you’re not a fan of potted plants, consider buying fresh-cut flowers to add a touch of freshness and vibrancy to the space.

Day Three – Go to bed early before the shoot.

Start around 9:30 – 10 am with your team.

Break for lunch and discuss the images shot. Assess how much time is available and determine the strongest shots and locations to finish the day.

In my 20 years of experience as a model, the first 5-6 looks are generally the best. After that, people tend to get tired. So, aim to capture your 4-5 favorite looks early in the day and shoot a few more later unless there are some easy transitions between earlier shots.

Remember, if you want to capture an early sunrise at your farmhouse with chickens and goats or a golden hour in the early evening, discuss it beforehand with your photographer and team. Planning for specific lighting conditions is crucial for achieving the desired visual impact in your photos.

Hair and Makeup – This is another crucial aspect of any photoshoot. Beautiful makeup and hair can elevate a photoshoot and make it look professional. However, the wrong kind of makeup can cheapen the outcome or seem out of place. Consider the look you’re going for and ensure that the makeup fits the overall theme of your creative idea. Balance is the key to avoid things looking stale or out of place. Think in advance about the story you want to tell with your photoshoot. We did our makeup and hair, aiming for a mostly natural look. While I’m not a makeup artist or hairstylist, it worked well for the natural look we were going for. If I had access to a trusted makeup artist or hairstylist, I would consider it to alleviate worries during the shoot.In summary, be prepared to avoid potential frustration, but don’t stress too much. It’s a creative process, so play around and have fun.

Starting March 2023, My Colour Home will offer personal and family home professional photoshoots. There will be an option for full service, including makeup and hair, or half service, where we help with wardrobe styling and capture the best images of your home.

You can find more work by Mariya Wai here

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