Vermilion Red And The Year of a Green Wooden Dragon.

The Year of a Green Wooden Dragon is just around the corner! Although Chinese New Year does not begin until January, traditionally, my family celebrates the Chinese Zodiac year at the same time as Western New Year, where the main fuzz is not as much on the dinner table, yet that is very important, but what color shall one wear to have luck in an upcoming year. The lucky colors of Green Wooden Dragon 2024 are emerald green, golden yellow, and bold and bright red. And while I have not decided what color my outfit for the NYE will be, naturally, the Color of the Month fell on red! However, what kind of red? Christmas red, Santa red, Crimson red?  
A Vermilion red, which is also called Chinese red or often referred to as cinnabar red, is a brilliant red-to-reddish-orange pigment that has a rich history spanning thousands of years. Here’s a brief overview of the history of vermilion red:
Vermilion holds significant cultural importance in China. In Chinese art and calligraphy, vermilion was traditionally used for seals and signatures. It has been used in traditional ceremonies, religious rituals, and artistic expressions. In Chinese culture, Vermilion is associated with luck and prosperity.
Vermilion became a popular pigment in medieval and Renaissance art. Artists such as Titian and Cennino Cennini used vermilion to achieve vibrant red tones in their paintings. However, the expense of vermilion led to its limited use, and other red pigments, like red lead, were sometimes used as alternatives.
Due to its mercury content, cinnabar had associations with alchemy and mysticism. Alchemists believed that by refining cinnabar, they could unlock the secrets of transformation and transmutation.
But Vermilion is not just bold or mystic; it’s surprisingly versatile. It can take center stage as a focal point or serve as an accent color, infusing warmth and personality into any space. Its compatibility with neutral tones, blacks, and whites ensures that Vermilion can seamlessly integrate into both traditional and contemporary contexts.
To visualize the impact of Vermilion, swipe through our carousel to see how it compares to other reds popular during the Christmas season. The vibrancy and cultural depth of Vermilion paint promise to bring energy and warmth to your surroundings, setting the tone for a year filled with luck, prosperity, and positive transformations. May your celebration be as vibrant as the Vermilion red that heralds the arrival of the Green Wooden Dragon.
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