The Subtle Beauty of Browns

Once considered a neglected cuisine of black, brown has made a triumphant return, showcasing its inherent warmth and groundedness.

As spring slowly emerges in the northern hemisphere, we’re greeted with the vibrant greens of new growth, yet brown shades continue to hold sway through March and early April. Therefore, I am compelled to dedicate this month’s color spotlight to brown and its various derivatives. While brown may have been overlooked in the past as a less appealing option for home walls, it has recently experienced a resurgence. For those who appreciate both bold and subtle hues, brown offers a perfect alternative—a warmer and less austere counterpart to charcoal black.  


Brown is a color that has deep roots in human history, with its origins tracing back to prehistoric times. Throughout antiquity, brown continued to play a significant role in art and culture. In ancient Egypt, brown was associated with the fertile soil of the Nile River and was used in various artistic depictions of agriculture and fertility. Similarly, in ancient Greece and Rome, brown pigments were commonly used in frescoes, ceramics, and sculpture.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, brown became associated with humility and simplicity, often used in the clothing of monks and friars. Brown dyes derived from natural sources such as walnut shells and oak bark were also used to color textiles and leather. Brown became a popular choice for background settings and was often used to convey warmth and earthiness. Today, it remains a timeless and enduring hue that evokes a sense of groundedness and connection to the natural world.


I adore the richness of dark roast coffee brown, but I also appreciate the softer hues found in shades of milk chocolate brown or brown beige. Opting for a deep brown tone can truly elevate your home into a sophisticated haven. For those who are fond of natural and earthy color palettes, brown serves as the perfect companion, harmonizing beautifully with off-whites, yellows, and golds. 

Moreover, brown is a versatile color that pairs effortlessly with lighter greens, oranges, and cool pinks. This means that if you ever feel the urge to inject more color into your space, there’s no need to undertake a complete repaint and redecoration. Simply introduce a few additional accent colors to create vibrant pops and refresh your home’s ambiance.

Paint Colors

Let’s dive into the captivating world of our brown paint color palette. Here are some of my favorite browns to choose from:

Charlton Brown- Benjamin Moore

Hearthstone Brown- Benjamin Moore

Classic Brown – Benjamin Moore

Cabin Fever – PPG1021-7

Deep Redish Brown – Farrow & Ball

Moody Fig MAGCC04 – Magnolia Home 

Chost Ranch – BackDrop 

Daniel is wearing Turtles, a Hawaiian shirt by Spot Me Studio

Working with shade of browns in your home

Whole Room Application

Natural Light: Brown can work well in rooms with ample natural light, balancing its depth with brightness.

Contrast: White, off-white, or light-colored furniture and decor can create a pleasing contrast against dark walls.

Accent Wall Impact

Focal Point: Consider using brown on an accent wall to create a striking focal point in a room.

Balance: Pair it with lighter hues to balance the intensity and prevent the room from feeling too dark.

Experiment with Shades

Deep or Light Brown: Depending on your preference and the room’s natural light, you can opt for a deep brown for drama or a lighter shade for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Test Before Committing

Sample Areas: Before painting the entire room, test a small area to see how the color interacts with the room’s light throughout the day.

Size of the Room

Spacious Rooms: Brown can make a large room feel cozy and intimate.

Small Rooms: Use brown strategically in smaller rooms, perhaps on one or two walls, to avoid overwhelming the space.

Now, armed with these considerations, you’re well-equipped for your next paint makeover! If you’re inspired to bring shades of brown into your wardrobe, then, explore our SHOP page to find a collection of earthy-tone fashion.

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