Color Consultation + Budgeting

In addition to Online Color Consultation, which includes:

Introduction & Discussion

Presenting Color Options

we will discuss the least exciting yet, important part of a renovation, the budget.

Budgeting for wall paint involves calculating the estimated cost of painting a particular area or room based on the quantity of paint required, the cost of the paint itself, and any additional expenses related to the painting project.

Measure the area to be painted. Start by measuring the walls’ dimensions to be painted (length and height). 

Choose the paint type and brand. Different types of paints (e.g., latex, oil-based) and various brands come at different price points. Decide on the paint type and brand that suits your needs and budget.

Determine paint coverage. Check the paint can or manufacturer’s specifications to find the coverage rate. 

Remember that prices can vary depending on your location, paint brand, and materials you choose.

4-5 pages pdf on Color Palette variations and paints.

1 Google Sheet with a detailed project cots breakdown up to three rooms whether it is two bedrooms, and a kitchen or a living room and two bedroom. 

$165 – 1 hour 15 minutes

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