Captivating Blue Nova & Iconic Indigo Denim.

Hello, cherished homeowners, and welcome to the year 2024! We trust that the initial two weeks of this year have been delightful for you, and perhaps you’re already contemplating fresh schemes for home updates and remodels—because let’s face it, the journey of enhancing our homes is a never-ending one!

As we’ve selected Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore as our top favorite color of the year 2024, we’ve decided to continue our exploration into the blue-violet color palette, also recognized as Indigo Blue. This palette spans from the deep, rich hues of dark blue-violet to the classic denim blue and the light, iconic blue reminiscent of a pair of Levi’s jeans. This color hue is not only popular but also historically significant, with the pigment being so prized that it became a major crop in the Far East and a sought-after commodity in Europe during the Renaissance. 

1800 Levi Jeans advertisment

Indigo is often associated with wisdom, intuition, and spiritual realization. In some cultures, it represents the third eye chakra.

European traders established indigo plantations in the Caribbean and the American colonies. In the American South during the 18th and 19th centuries, indigo became a significant cash crop, especially in regions like South Carolina.This demand for indigo led to the brutal exploitation of enslaved people on indigo plantations. The dark history of indigo, like that of many crops during the era of slavery, reflects the deeply troubling aspects of human exploitation for economic gain.


For many years, indigo held the status of being the “Blue Gold.” The deep blue of indigo is synonymous with the iconic denim fabric that forms the foundation of our beloved jeans. But how did indigo transform into denim and jeans? Here’s a brief history shedding light on the origins of these names.

The term “denim” has roots in the city of De Nimes, France, where twill cotton was woven, dyed, and subsequently sold to sailors. The name “jeans” finds its origin in Genoa fustian, referring to twill cloth, or, as the French spelled it, Gene Fustian. Genoa, a major port city in northern Italy, played a significant role, particularly in the 16th century, as it served as a hub for the production and trade of indigo, which was imported from India via sea routes.

Fourteen huge sheets of linen and cotton dyed with indigo are painted in white in 1540 by Teramo Piaggio and collaborators to involve the faithful in the mysteries of the Passion of Christ”, Francesca Centurione Boschieri explains.

In the 20th century, indigo, denim, and jeans became intricately intertwined, almost becoming synonymous. Indigo blue stands out as the most timeless and fashionable color, much like black. It might even be aptly dubbed the “black” of blues, given its status as the ultimate classic. From supernova stars such as Miles Davis to unconventional personalities like Joe Exotic, indigo blue, and denim have evolved into luxury and casual staples of our everyday wardrobe. 

Paint Colors

Let’s dive into the captivating world of our indigo paint color palette. We’ve chosen seven beautiful indigo blues, of which five have a lower LRV with highlights such as Blue Nova, and included two lighter shades that echo the charm of faded jeans, reminiscent of periwinkle—the Pantone Color of the Year 2022!

Blue Nova – Benjamin Moore

Basic Blue CC-968- Benjamin Moore

Blue 206610 – Benjamin Moore

Daring Indigo – PPG1166-7

Blue Maize – Farrow & Ball

Bothy Blue – Farrow & Ball 

Stromboli Chess Club – BackDrop 

I also wish to recount my experience with painting the exterior of my garage studio using indigo blue. While I won’t feature this specific indigo in the list, I feel it requires a subtle touch more violet. The uncertainty lies in whether this discrepancy is a result of the color-matching process or a variation in how the color presents itself in reality compared to the chip. Indigo, with its diverse range of tones and shades, opens up a spectrum of possibilities.

Taking a risk without purchasing multiple samples, I’m happy with the color nonetheless. I opted for Valspar paint and requested a match to Sherwin Williams 1381 Dyed Indigo. Here’s a peek into the ongoing transformation of the garage studio with these work-in-progress images.

Yatzer Indigo: The Colour That Changed the World, book by Catherine Legrand

“The creation of a colour as magical as Indigo is a work of love; all consuming, the process from cultivating the plant to extracting pigments can take over two years and it is the fact that this process has been such an intrinsic part of so many lives that makes this book so enthralling.”

Blue MaizeFarrow & Ball 

Blue NovaBenjamin Moore

Indigo Hawaiian shirt by Spot Me Studio

Blue 206610 – Benjamin Moore

Bothy BlueFarrow & Ball 

Stromboli Chess ClubBackdrop 

Working with Indigo Blue paint color in your home

Whole Room Application

Natural Light: Indigo can work well in rooms with ample natural light, balancing its depth with brightness.

Contrast: White or light-colored furniture and decor can create a pleasing contrast against indigo walls.

Accent Wall Impact

Focal Point: Consider using indigo on an accent wall to create a striking focal point in a room.

Balance: Pair it with lighter hues to balance the intensity and prevent the room from feeling too dark.

Experiment with Shades

Deep or Light Indigo: Depending on your preference and the room’s natural light, you can opt for a deep indigo for drama or a lighter shade for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Test Before Committing

Sample Areas: Before painting the entire room, test a small area to see how the color interacts with the room’s light throughout the day.

Size of the Room

Spacious Rooms: Indigo can make a large room feel cozy and intimate.

Small Rooms: Use indigo strategically in smaller rooms, perhaps on one or two walls, to avoid overwhelming the space.

Art and Decor Elements

Artwork: Indigo walls can be an excellent backdrop for artwork, especially pieces with contrasting colors.

Greenery: Introduce indoor plants to add a touch of nature and balance to the deep color

Now, armed with these considerations, you’re well-equipped for your next indigo paint makeover! If you’re inspired to bring indigo into your wardrobe, don’t forget to explore our SHOP page for a curated collection of indigo-inspired fashion. Elevate your style and transform your spaces with the timeless allure of indigo.

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