Blue bedroom makeover. From a sky Blue to a Mustard Gold.

We are delighted to share a transformation of a once sky-blue bedroom into a rich, golden mustard oasis. The original color, Carolina Skies by Valspar, had graced the bedroom for five years before the decision to embark on a repainting journey. The north-facing bedroom yearned for a hue that exuded warmth without plunging into the depths of darkness.

Initially contemplating a different shade of blue for the bedroom, I decided to give it a shot and dive into a warmer gold color palette while adding a cool tone with wallpaper covering. This creative shift resulted in a significantly more appealing and sophisticated appearance, elevating the room from a dorm-like atmosphere to perhaps that of a Ph.D. student’s abode. The warm gold walls and a bold blue wallpaper accentuated the room’s charm.

I tested three different gold and gold-brown paint samples. Although the allure of a gold-brown hue with a very low Light Reflectance Value (LRV) was captivating, the potential of darkening the room and creating a perception of a smaller space had to be considered.

After exploring numerous color samples, the ideal choice fell on Sombrero 249 by Benjamin Moore. I chose this warm gold tone as a perfect balance, steering away from a beautiful but excessively dark and almost brown feel of Golden Chalice, especially on overcast days, and avoiding the excess yellow in Ochre. This choice allowed for a harmonious blend of tint and shade. To enhance the wall’s gold tone, I used a wallpaper ‘backsplash’—Raphael Blue by Sandberg Wallpaper.

Golden Chalice, ochre, Sombrero 249 – by Benjamin Moore.

For the bedroom painting, I completed the project with one gallon of paint and utilized a color sample I had purchased for touch-ups, which turned out to be quite fortunate. I applied the wallpaper using products I researched and purchased on Amazon.

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